MMS Giving Foundation Mission Statement

We are lifelong Pacific Northwest residents. We appreciate having known many people who have worked to educate, uplift or improve conditions in their communities. We’ve come to believe that the connections between all of us matter. And that improving society overall most often begins with improving conditions at the local level. From that perspective we wish to support others in improving their lives and the Northwest in general.

In the past we have enjoyed our involvement in educational activities, interactions with people in the Arts communities and working with disabled people. So, our primary interest will be in supporting activities in those areas.

Our desire is to support local (Puget Sound region) charitable organizations in meeting a specific need, where our aid will help complete a particular task, activity or project.

Areas the Foundation will support:

  • Arts—primarily visual and performance arts
  • Education—with a focus on vocational, apprenticeship and environmental awareness programs
  • Health and Social Services—with a focus on the developmentally disabled, and at risk and underprivileged people

The Foundation will not provide funds to support religious or political activities.


The mission of the MMS Giving Foundation is to support organizations and programs that better the lives of individuals and the communities of the Pacific Northwest.

The Foundation will achieve this through a focus on education, the arts, and selected community level programs.


The Foundation will primarily support organizations in the Puget Sound region. Grants will address a specific need through funding a particular task, activity, or project.

Education grants will give priority to vocational and apprenticeship programs and educating the public on environmental issues.

Arts grants will focus on visual and performance art.

Health and Social Services grants will support environmental education programs, programs for the developmentally disabled and services for at-risk children and adults.